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“Best Practices Policies”

Piedmont-Carolina ASME Senior Section


“Best Practices Policies”



(Revised 9/28/2019)


In an effort to establish a “Best Practices Policy” several things need to be kept in mind. First and foremost is the promotion of the Engineering Profession among the general public regardless of the age, group, and Event public or private. The second most important thought is that perception is everything. Regardless at what point the perception takes place. There is perception of our Group in the first time one views the website, type of scheduled Event or one of the many tools used to communicate the activities of the Group. There is perception in any type of media the Group may receive in promotions of our activities. One important question to keep in mind is ““What makes a good ASME Event? > What makes a good ASME Group?”

“Best Practices” which work today will change tomorrow with the advance of technology and the changing of our Group Membership. As more members of ASME move into our Group, new members join ASME, concepts must change. What works today may not work tomorrow. New ideas which are attempted today may fail, but that is not to say they are bad ideas. Perhaps the manner in which they were attempted was not exactly correct or the perception of the intended audience was not obtained. There is value in all attempts and information gathered in those attempts can be useful at a later date.

In an effort to have a total picture of “Best Practices” for the operation of the Group, this manual will take the approach of the beginning of the calendar year for the Group (Election of Officers and selection of various Committee Chairs, July) and follow same through the year until the last month (June).

Also, this manual should be a self-perpetuating manual with changes made in keeping with best practices to address the needs, operation procedures of the Group at any given time. 

Elected Leadership

Group Chairperson desired profile – The Group Chairperson should be able to carry out the duties of the Chair as described in the Operations Guidelines of the Group.  They should also have the attitude of a leader, decision maker, team builder, promoter of the Engineering Profession, ASME and always open for new ideas based on the current business climate of the make-up of the Group membership. There are many individual Engineering Societies in the geographic area assigned to our Group. Networking within those societies is desired. ASME should strive to become the premier Engineering Society in our area or certainly one of the leading ones. They should also be thinking of sustainability accepting the concept that new leadership can only bring new ideas and concepts to the table of leadership. The Chairperson should be willing to move into a Group Director role once they are no longer the Chair. As a Group Director they should continue to bring “value-added benefits” to the Group. 

Group Vice Chair desired profile – The Vice Chair should be aware of the goals of the Group and capable of stepping in and taking the leadership role of the Group in the absence of the Chair. They should have the commitment of moving into the role of the Chair once the Chairperson is ready to move into a Group Director role. The Vice-Chair should be willing to accept “Special Assignments” from the Chair and realize that the Chair should not have to do it all. 

Group Secretary – This is the one Officer position the Group should have but in some cases can be substituted by having notes taken during the Group Leadership Team meetings and sent out with the upcoming meeting agenda. The Secretary should be the “link” between the different committees and the web master, newsletter editor and other media tools. 

Group Treasurer desired profile – The Treasurer should be capable of keeping the finances of the Group up to date according the requirements of the centralized banking of ASME. Coding of expenses for the Group activities are the responsibilities of the Group Chairperson and the Treasurer. Monthly to-date reports should be made at the Group Leadership Team Meetings showing the available funds, spent YTD funds, etc.

Desired Minimal Group Leadership Team

The elected Leaders and Chairpersons of the following committees make up the Group Leadership Team. The Group Leadership Team needs to understand that none of the Leadership Team operates autonomously but as a team with input from all contributing to the success of the entire Group Leadership Team. The Chairpersons of the Leadership Team listed below are appointed by the Group Chairperson.

Programs Committee (Number of Committee Members – 2 min, 4 desired) – One of the first Committees to swing into action is the Programs Committee. This Committee should start planning the Events (Dinner to include Speaker/Topic, Plant Tours) early enough in the calendar year so that the current and future Events can be posted on the website in advance. This is key in adding to the positive perception of our members plus the Engineering community. In planning the Events, the Programs Committee needs to keep an open mind related to new technology, the make-up of our membership base and those industries represented in our geographic area (service area). This Committee should show flexibility in scheduling Events at Lunch times in addition to Dinner Events to serve the make-up of the Group Membership. In addition to that process the Student Groups chartered by our Group need to be involved. This can be accomplished by allocating time in the Event agenda for a Student Group. The Programs Committee is responsible for making the arrangements for the Dinner Events facilities, caterer, determining the cost, and providing the information on the Speaker/Topic, etc. to the Webmaster for posting to the site. An agenda for the Event needs to be established prior to the Event. The introduction of the Speaker, presenting a Speaker Gift and announcing the up-coming Event at the dinner is the responsibility of this committee. They should also follow-up with a “Thank You” note to the Speaker. Events for September through December should be in place by the August Group Leadership Team meeting with January through May by the November Group Leadership Team. Where possible the Programs Committee should solicit involvement from other Group members who attend the Events, especially the younger members in order to have them more involved.

Professional Development Committee – (Number of Committee Members – 2 min, 4 desired) The Professional Development Committee needs to have a pulse on the needs of the Engineering community in the area served by our ASME Group (service area).  Determine what type of courses the community may be attracted to and promote those same courses. Courses can be presented in a flexible format (e.g., weekdays, weekends, evenings, on line, etc.); and Courses can be presented for a reasonable fee by the use of volunteers and local industry support. In planning the courses, the Development Committee needs to keep an open mind related to new technology, the make-up of our membership base and those industries represented in our service area. In arranging the courses the Committee should make arrangements for the Instructor, facility, any arrangements for food or refreshments and announcement and provide that information to the Webmaster for promoting. All materials including name tags should be prepared in advance. The Group needs to have its own local Instructor List of professionals who can teach a course. Cost for these courses should be at the least a break-even and if possible have a built in profit to off-set some of the Group expenses incurred by the Programs Committee. Other Engineering Societies in our area should be consulted to include their possible attendance for the courses.

Industry Relations Committee – (Number of Committee Members – 2 min, 4 desired) Industry relations is an ongoing endeavor with new industries moving into our service area. Accepting the fact that most manufacturing and many service oriented firms employ Engineers, this committee needs to maintain a contact list of the principle management contacts in those employees for potential recruiting of ASME members. This committee needs to develop a manner of presenting the ASME story to those firms and promote membership. The employers should be contacted either in a group fashion or one-on-one to solicit their support of our Group. This support can come in many forms, scholarships we provide to the local community colleges we charter is but one of a few. This Committee needs to be Public relations in focus promoting to the outside as well as the inside of the Group Membership in order to recruit more ASME Members. 

Membership Committee - (Number of Committee Members – 2 min, 4 desired). The first and foremost efforts of this committee is to insure those attending the Events have a quality experience. This will only aid in the perception of the Group. The communications to the Group Membership is of extreme importance, this Committee needs to insure that all of the Members have an email listed with ASME of electronic distribution of information. The second is the promoting the Young Engineer which will aid in the sustainability of the Group by recognizing the Young Engineer at their employee level and encouraging their involvement in the Group leadership. An Award for “Young Engineer of the Year” needs to be presented at a Dinner Event and at the employer site for this person. This committee is also at the forefront of the S.T.E.M. program in supporting the interest in the Engineering Profession. The committee should take an active role in welcoming new members into our Group and encouraging their attendance in our Events. The Group should have an incentive program for ASME Members to bring another Engineer to our Events. ME’s of employers who are not members of ASME should be recruited. This Committee should develop an ASME Representative in employers who have more than 5 ME’s working in the same environment. National Engineers Week is another involvement of this committee.                                                                             

Webmaster/Newsletter/Media Committee – (Number of Committee Members – 2) This Committee has the challenge of maintaining the visual or digital perception of the Group. If the web site is outdated, poorly organized or presented then the perception is poor. Whomever accepts this role must be firm in insisting on the required information from each member of the Group Leadership Team. If they have a challenge, then they must defer to the Group Chairperson to get the needed info. Where possible efforts should be made to involve the local media in an effort to promote the Group, the Engineering Profession and ASME to the general public. 

Quality Systems Committee – (Number of Committee Members – 2) This Committee can play a pivotal role in the overall operation of the Group covering everything from the Group Leadership Team meetings to the various Events of the Group. The “Voice of the Customer (members) needs to be heard in the Group plus the various media tools employed by the Group. A Quality Control Professional needs to be in this position where they understand the various quality tools, systems used in the Q.C. arena today.  Surveys sent out to the attendees is but one of the many tools this committee should use. 

Desired Additional Committees

Early Career Engineer Committee – (Number of Committee Members – 2 min). The purpose of this Committee is to promote the Early Career Engineer. An Early Career Engineer is described as a member of ASME, a graduate with 1-10 years’ experience. The Early Career Engineer is to be supported in their endeavors to enhance their experience, education and to be recognized at all Events. They are to be supported by the Group in their places of employment. Effort needs to be made to have them involved in the Group activities and leadership.

Honors and Awards Committee – (Number of Committee Members – 2) This Committee needs to interface with the Membership, Industry Relations and Professional Development and Young Engineers Committees to recognize industries and individuals who are actively involved with ASME, the local Group and the community. We all like to be recognized for our efforts and the local ASME Group should be at the fore-front in doing so among the Engineering Profession.  

Proposed Operation Procedure

The Group Leadership Team should meet monthly on the first Thursday to ensure the upcoming Event is in place. The Group Events should be consistent with the third Thursday known as ASME Event day regardless of Dinner or Plant Tour Event. Group Leadership Team members should have a specific name tag that denotes their respective position in leadership and that name tag should be worn at all Group functions. The first Group Leadership Team meeting needs to be a workshop held on a Saturday morning in the month of August for the incoming Group Leadership Team. This workshop should have two owners. The Group Chairperson and the Vice Chair.  This workshop should give the Group Leadership Team a list of contacts for their various endeavors. The importance of having plans in place and conveying the final plans for each month to the Webmaster should also be emphasized.

The Group Leadership Team needs to understand that we do not operate autonomously but as a team with input from all contributing to the success of the entire Group Leadership Team.

The Chairperson sets and publishes the agenda for the Group Leadership Team meeting in advance of the meeting for review along with the notes from the prior meeting. The meeting start on time and should end on time unless a motion is approved to cover important subjects that cannot be continued to the next scheduled meeting.

The Treasurer provides a standard P&L by committee in hard-copy at all Group Leadership Team meetings.

Chartered Student Group (s) Inter-action

Activity at the start of the new year (September). The Group Leadership Team as possible should hold a joint meeting with the Group Leadership Team of the Student Group (s) and Mechanical Engineering students to promote ASME Membership as well as the support from the local Group. This could be as informal as a “Pizza Party”. There the ME Students should be informed of the activities of the Student Group as well since that will be their primary contact and involvement.

Once the first Group Leadership Team meeting is scheduled the Leadership of the Student Group be invited to attend to expose them to the operation of the Senior Group Leadership Team. That is how the Student Group Leadership Team learn. This also keeps everyone in the loop and avoids scheduling conflicts.

The Programs Committee should have time on the Dinner Event agenda for a Student Group to take part and present their activities to the Senior Members. This can be a 15 minute slot.

Activities involving other Engineering Societies and the community

The Programs Committee should reach out to other Engineering Societies in promoting joint Events whether a Dinner or Plant Tour. The idea is to promote the Engineering Profession regardless of discipline. Once a year an activity should be planned to involve the families of the ASME Member. This is one way to recognize the Profession and the Engineer who is dedicated to that Profession.





















(Revised 9/28/2019)

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