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The PSD strives to promote technological progress and international co-operation in the area of Pipeline Systems engineering.

International India Oil and Gas Pipeline Conference (IOGPC)

ASME India Oil & Gas Pipeline Conference

To meet the needs for networking, international cooperation and international best practices, the ASME Pipeline Systems Division has developed the India Oil & Gas Pipeline Conference.

This exclusive event is designed by ASME members in India in cooperation with ASME Pipeline Systems Division members globally. This unique, not-for-profit event, designed by engineers for engineers, provides a forum for the transfer of best practices and standards in a global sense securing India's position as a leader in pipeline technology. Organized by the Pipeline Systems Division of ASME with the assistance of ASME's Standards & Certifications office, the Conference in 2017 will take place in Mumbai, bringing together key corporate players in the onshore pipeline industry.

Over two days, industry leaders, engineering professionals and policymakers from across India and the world will meet to learn the state of the art of their industry, issues and priorities for moving forward. The conference promises to attract a highly distinguished panel of speakers for the conference. The conference creates a focal meeting point for the oil and gas pipeline industry and encourages interaction, networking and dialogue on the latest trends, new technologies and policy implications.

The program is designed for policy-makers, vice-presidents, directors, project-managers and engineers of companies dealing with pipelines carrying liquid or gas, whether onshore or offshore.

We look forward to seeing you in Mumbai in April 2017!


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