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Pipeline Systems Division

The PSD strives to promote technological progress and international co-operation in the area of Pipeline Systems engineering.

Global Pipeline Award

Congratulations to the 2017 Global Pipeline Award

(GPA) winner!

TD Williamson for
the Mechanical Damage Prioritization via the Multiple Datasets (MDS) Inline Inspection Platform

The Pipeline Systems Division of ASME has established the GLOBAL PIPELINE AWARD to recognize outstanding innovations and technological advances by various organizations in the field of pipeline transportation.

A project, product, device, system, service, approach or other can receive the award.

The GPA recognizes the pipeline technology innovation process in all phases; from the research laboratory through field applications; from technology incubators to development of markets for new products; from government agencies to private companies; and from individual projects to the consolidation of research and development results.

The PSD intends that the Award:

  • promotes progress and international cooperation in the field of Pipeline Systems engineering;
  • supports achievements in pipeline engineering education; encourages the timely exchange of information among researchers and engineers; promotes technical activities, including conferences, in the field of Pipeline Technology; 
  • promotes safety and the public welfare;
  • promotes global environment preservation;
  • and promotes public recognition of the pipeline industry.

The PSD will present one Global Pipeline Award per year to the organization that, in the opinion of the judging committee, has been responsible for the most outstanding achievement in the field of pipeline engineering for that year.The award will be presented at the biennial International Pipeline Conference, or IBP´s biennial Rio Pipeline Conference.

The Pipeline Systems Division Award Committee encourages all organizations to consider submitting their projects and innovations for this award.

Please click the link below for GPA Guidelines and application.

GPA Guidelines

GPA Application

For more information contact, Kim Miceli, , 281-810-5455

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