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The Power Division was organized in 1920, when ASME membership had grown to over 13,000 and it was decided to set up several divisions to better advance related professional activities.

Percy W. Nicholls Award

The Percy Nicholls Award is presented for notable scientific or industrial achievement in the field of solid fuels. It consists of a framed certificate presented jointly by the Fuels and Combustion Technologies (FACT) Division of the ASME and the Coal Division of the AIME.

At a joint Fuels Meeting of the ASME Fuels Division and the AIME Coal Division in St. Louis, MO in 1942, the fall after Mr. Nicholls died, the first Percy Nicholls Award "for notable scientific or industrial achievement in the field of solid fuels" was presented. This award was established by joint action of the two Divisions to commemorate the outstanding contributions that Mr. Nicholls had made in the science and technology of fuels utilization.


The Percy Nicholls Award recipient must be a member in good standing of either the ASME or the AIME. It is not limited to an American citizen. A joint Board of the two society divisions selects the recipient.


Prior to October 1, 2012, the ASME Chair of the 2012 Percy W. Nicholls Award Committee (Mark Bryden, Ph.D., should receive any nominations to be presented to the full Committee. Nominations, accompanied by two letters of recommendation, should give a full and complete statement of the reasons for proposing the candidate, with a record of his professional and industrial achievements in sufficient detail to enable the Committee to pass judgment on the candidate's worthiness to receive the award. The Awardee will be notified by December 1, 2012 and will be presented the Award at the 38th Clearwater Conference co-sponsored by ASME, DOE, and CTA (Coal Technology Association), to be held in Clearwater, Florida, Summer, 2013.

2011 Sukumar Bandopadhyay
2009 William Beck
2007 Peter J. Bethell
2005 Gerald H. Lutrell
2003 J. Brett Harvey
2001 Robert E. Murray
1999 Peter T. Luckie
1997 Frank F. Aplan
1995 Joseph W III Leonard
1993 Robert L. Frantz
1991 Raja V. Ramani
1989 Albert W. Deurbrouck
1987 Leonard G. Austin
1985 David A. Zegeer
1983 E. Minor Pace
1981 Jack A. Simon
1979 William N. Poundstone
1977 H. Beecher Charmbury
1975 No Award
1973 Samuel M. Cassidy
1971 George E. Keller
1969 David R. Mitchell
1967 Martin A. Elliott
1965 L. F. Deming
1963 James R. Garvey
1961 Otto de Lorenzi
1959 Homer Hiram Lowry
1957 John Blizzard
1955 Ralph Hardgrove
1953 Henry Frederick Hebley
1951 Albert Russell Humford
1949 Lawrence A. Shipman
1947 Howard Nicholas Eavenson
1945 Thomas Alfred Marsh
1943 Henry Kreisinger
2010 Ashwani K.Gupta
2008 George A. Richards
2006 John L. Marion
2004 Dr. Hisashi ("Sho") Kobayashi
2002 L. Douglas Smoot
2000 Klaus R. G. Hein
1998 No Award
1996 Adel F. Sarofim
1994 Robert H. Essenhigh
1992 Richard W. Borio
1990 Richard W. Bryers
1988 Janos M. Beer
1986 Gordon H. Gronhovd
1984 George K. Lee
1982 James R. Jones
1980 George W. Land
1978 Albert F. Duzy
1976 Richard B. Engdahl
1974 George P. Cooper
1972 Charles H. Sawyer
1970 Richard C. Corey
1968 W.T. Reid
1966 C. T. Holland
1964 Carroll F. Hardy
1962 Charles E. Lawall
1960 Carl E. Lesher
1958 Willibald Trinks
1956 Chester Arthur Reed
1954 John Ferdinand Barkley
1952 Harry FaganYancey
1950 Julian Elnathan Tobey
1948 Ralph Arthur Sherman
1946 Arno Carl Fieldner
1944 James Bain Morrow
1942 Ervin George Bailey

Percy Nicholls Awards Committee:
Mark Bryden (ASME)
Albert Moussa (ASME)
David G. Lilley (ASME)
Raja V. Ramani (SME)
Rick Honaker (SME)

For additional information, please contact:

Professor Mark Bryden
2104 Black Engineering Building
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Iowa State University
Ames, IA 50011
Phone: 515-294-3891