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Pressure Vessels and Piping Division (PVP) of the ASME was organized as an ASME technical division in 1966 in response to the interest of members to the rapidly changing and expanding technology of...
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Honors & Awards

The PVP Division honors individuals who have made significant contributions to the Division or the pressure vessels and piping profession. A number of awards have been established by the Division.

Society Awards
ASME S.Y. Zamrik Pressure Vessels & Piping Medal
A major award that is presented to an individual in recognition of outstanding contributions to pressure vessels and piping technology including, but not limited to, research, development, applications, or education.

Division Awards
S.S. Chen PVP Outstanding Service Award
Presented to a member for outstanding and dedicated service to the Division.

Certificate of Appreciation
Presented for outstanding contributions to pressure vessel and piping engineering through research, practice, and/or teaching and service to the profession or the Division over a period of years.

Certificate of Recognition
Presented for outstanding contributions within the PVPD, especially within a technical committee, special technical committee, or other special committee.

Outstanding Conference Paper
Presented for an outstanding technical paper from each technical committee at each PVPD annual meeting.

PVP Jim Farr Outstanding Conference Session
Presented for an outstanding technical session at each PVPD annual meeting.

PVP Dr. Heki Shibata Outstanding International Technical Session Award
Presented for an outstanding international technical session at each PVPD annual meeting.

G.E.O. Widera Literature Award
Presented at each PVPD annual meeting for an outstanding technical paper in the Journal of Pressure Vessel Technology in the former year.

JPVT Editor's Choice Award
Presented at each PVPD annual meeting for an outstanding Journal of Pressure Vessel Technology paper in the former year, which represents a significant contribution to PVP technology and emphasizes application, novel design, or a survey.

T.H. Liu Student Paper Award
For being a Ph.D. student finalist in the Rudy Scavuzzo Student Paper Competition.

PVP Bill Short Best BS/MS Student Paper Award (former Student Paper Award)
For being a BS/MS student finalist in the Student Paper Competition.

For all Division Award requests please contact the Division staff administrator.

Other Awards Of Interest

ASME Fellow PVP members are also nominated for national ASME awards.

Important Award Information For Recipients of Monetary Awards

Please note that honorariums cannot be distributed without receipt of applicable tax forms. If you are a recipient of a monetary award, you will be contacted by ASME staff regarding tax forms you will need to complete, as well as how to submit them to us.

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