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Process Industries Division

Process Industries Division's (PID) created in 1934, has fostered management, plant engineering and maintenance, pressure vessels and piping, design engineering, power and heat transfer.

Honors & Awards


Two prestigious awards are sponsored by PID for distinguished service, the James Harry Potter Gold Medal and the Henry R. Worthington Medal.

The James Harry Potter Gold Medal, established in 1980, is awarded in recognition of eminent achievement or distinguished service in the appreciation of the science of thermodynamics in mechanical engineering. The basis of the award shall include contributions involving the teaching, appreciation or utilization of thermodynamic principles in research, development and design in mechanical engineering. Past Potter Award recipients.

The Henry R. Worthington Medal, established in 1980 by Worthington Pump, Inc., is bestowed for eminent achievement in the field of pumping machinery. Such achievement may be in the areas of research, development, design, innovation, management, education or literature. Past Worthington Award recipients.


The Process Industries Division Best Paper Award



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