Official ASME Group

Research Committee on Water & Steam in Thermal Systems

Activities encompass all aspects of water and steam technology significant to steam generation and use including the properties of water and steam. Produces the ASME Steam Tables and water consensus...
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Nomination for Membership

Purpose of Nomination

a. To recognize diligence and effort in advancing the work of the Committee and its Subcommittees and Task Groups.

b. To promote interest and involvement in the activities of the Committee.

c. To introduce new members to the Committee, its goals and to the process of attaining election to the Executive Subcommittee.

Procedure and Criteria for Nomination to Membership

1. The nomination must be made through the Chair of the sponsoring Subcommittee.

2. The nominee shall have demonstrated commitment to the Committee by actively participating in the Subcommittee,Task Group or other activities, lending particular expertise and experience to those activities and making a significant contribution to the Subcommittee or Task group effort. The nominee shall have participated in a minimum of three meetings (Spring and/or Fall) of the Committee in a three year period.

3. Nomination may be made by any Committee member to the appropriate Subcommittee Chair.

4. Election to membership shall occur at the next Main Committee meeting immediately following formal nomination.

5. Each Subcommittee can develop its own procedures for bringing forth nominations. Verbal or written nominations may be submitted to the Subcommittee Chair and nominators should provide a rationale for nomination.