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Research Committee on Water & Steam in Thermal Systems

Activities encompass all aspects of water and steam technology significant to steam generation and use including the properties of water and steam. Produces the ASME Steam Tables and water consensus...
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Committee Produced Publications

Consensus on Best Tube Sampling Practices for Boilers and Nonnuclear Steam Generators (2014)
Order No. 860359 Format: Print-Book/Order No. 860359Q Format: Digital

ASME International Steam Tables for Industrial Use, Third Edition (2014)
Order No: 860366  Format: Print-Book

Consensus on the Operating Practices for Control of Water and Steam Chemistry in Combined Cycle and Cogeneration Power Plants (2012)
Order No: 859988  Format: Print-Book

ASME Steam Tables-Compact Edition (2006)
Order No: 80254X  Format: Print-Book

Consensus on Operating Practices for the Sampling and Monitoring of Feedwater and Boiler Water Chemistry in Modern Industrial Boilers (CRTD-81) (2006) Order No: 802485 Format: Print-Book

ASME Consensus Documents on Feedwater, Boiler Water, Steam, and Lay-up of Boiler Systems, with CD-ROM (2003)
Order No: I00 586 Format: CD-ROM

Consensus for the Lay-Up of Boilers, Turbines, Turbine Condensers, and Auxiliary Equipment (2002)
Order No: I00587 Format: Print-Book

Steam Properties for Industrial Use Based on Iapws-If97 Professional Version (1999)
Order No: I00420 Format: Print-Book

A Practical Guide to Avoiding Steam Purity Problems in Industrial Plants (1995)
Order No: I00383  Format: Print-Book

Consensus Operating Practices for Control of Feedwater/Boiler Water Chemistry in Modern Industrial Boilers (1994) Order No: I00367  Format: Print-Book

ASME Handbook on Water Technology for Thermal Power Systems (1989)
Order No: I00284 Format: Print-Book

Consensus of Current Practices for Lay Up of Industrial and Utility Boilers (Out of Print)
Published 1985. 28 pages.

ASME Steam Tables, 6th Edition (Out of Print)
Published 1993. 436 pages.