Official ASME Group

Research Committee on Water & Steam in Thermal Systems

Activities encompass all aspects of water and steam technology significant to steam generation and use including the properties of water and steam. Produces the ASME Steam Tables and water consensus...
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  • Produced a series of consensus documents for industry related to boilers and boiler water chemistry. Most recent one was the Consensus Document on Operating Practices for the Control of Water and Steam Chemistry in Combined Cycle and Cogeneration Power Plants published in 2012. 

  • The Steam Subcommittee hosted the 2012 International Association on the Properties of Water and Steam' (IAPWS) annual meeting in October.  It also sponsored a symposium titled The Energy – Water Nexus:  Status and Prospectus.  The Steam Subcommittee is the U.S. Committee on the Properties of Water and Steam and represents the U.S. in IAPWS.
  • Sponsored symposia on "Condensate Polishing Systems for Power Plants" on October 25, 2010 and "Monitoring and Control of Water Chemistry in Boiler Systems and Other Applications" on October 26, 2010 at the International Water Conference.

  • Published the Steam Tables - Compact Edition in 2006.

  • Prepared the ASME Steam Tables for Industrial Use. Based on the 1997 IAPWS Formulation for the Thermodynamic Properties of Water and Steam for Industrial Use, the ASME Steam Tables are suitable for calculations for current and anticipated power plants and are expected to remain the standard for at least 20 years.

  • Produced a handbook on water technology for steam power plant cycles. The handbook serves as both a training text and reference volume for power plant station chemists, engineers, manufacturers, and R&D institutions. While the primary emphasis of the handbook is on electric utility power generation (fossil and nuclear), it is also a valuable reference on high pressure industrial steam system technology.