Official ASME Group

Research Committee on Water & Steam in Thermal Systems

Activities encompass all aspects of water and steam technology significant to steam generation and use including the properties of water and steam. Produces the ASME Steam Tables and water consensus...
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Nominating Subcommittee

Purpose of Awards

  1. To thank the individual for outstanding effort in support of the Society, the Committee and the Subcommittees.
  2. To recognize that the efforts of an individual are of value to the Society and to the engineering profession in general.
  3. To provide the recipient with tangible evidence to show the employer that the support given is of value and appreciated by the Society.
  4. To enhance the personal image of the recipient.

Proposed Criteria for Making an Award

  1. Retirement from the position of Chair, Main Committee
  2. Retirement from a long held position on the Executive Subcommittee or as Chair of one of the Subcommittees.
  3. To the Chair of a Task Group on completion of a project. For example, completion and publication of a document (Consensus document, steam tables)
  4. To the Chair of a terminated Task Group after considerable effort has been expended in an attempt to launch a research project
  5. On specific decision of the Executive Subcommittee in recognition of special effort in support of the Research Committee.
  6. On retirement from the position of representative to the International Association of Properties of Water and Steam (IAPWS).
  7.  In recognition of past service (Emeritus status)

Sample Wording of Awards