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  • Meeting Notice: Harbec Plastics in Onatario, NY

    Harbec Plastics Plant Tour June 18th, 2013 at 6:30 PM


    Harbec is an environmentally conscious provider of manufacturing solutions, custom prototyping, CNC machining and injection molding.  Harbec plastics was established in 1977 as a contract Tool and Die / general machine shop and the first to market CAD/CAM to the Rochester area.  The advent of CNC allowed one-of-a-kind, complex shapes and forms to be created that were previously unimaginable.  Harbec continues that legacy of innovation today with some of its new techniques such as:


    Selective Laser Sintering which allows the creation of functional plastic and metal parts in as short as 1 day.


    Xyloy Injection Molding which yields high-tolerance net shape metal parts using lightweight allows, standard tool steel molds and conventional injection molding equipment.


    Harbec was awarded the 2011 MEP Excellence in Sustainability Award from NIST, for their efforts in both technical innovation and environmental responsibility.


    Join ASME Rochester as we receive a special tour of the Harbec Facility with their Founder, Bob Bechtold.  Space is limited to please RSVP  to to save your seat.  The tour begins at 6:30 at Harbec in Ontario, NY.  Those interested in carpooling can email Steve for a time and meeting location.


    Visit them on the web at