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The Safety Engineering and Risk Analysis Division (SERAD) function is to stimulate interest in and disseminate risk analysis and safety information as applied to the process of mechanical engineering.
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  • ASME-SERAD Newsletter 2014Q1

    Are gas cylinders really safe in terms of material specifications after their periodic inspection and testing?

    Akula Ramakrishnaa , P Sojan Lal b,  Nihal A Siddiqui c

    Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is most common and convenient fuel for domestic applications such as indoor cooking, outdoor barbeque. LPG Cylinders plays a prominent role in carrying hazardous LPG conveniently from one place to another. Majority of these cylinders are made of low carbon steel.  Although several standards, best practices and guidelines are in place to monitor LPG cylinder life cycle, LPG cylinders are greatly abused in market with wrong handling practices. In this article an attempt has been made to briefly highlight requirements of material safety compliance in LPG cylinder life cycle, which is missing in current standards particularly related to United Arab Emirates (UAE).

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