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The ASME Solar Energy Division (SED) was established in 1966 from a group of ASME members interested in the application of solar energy to mechanical engineering systems.

ASME Guidance for UMV inspection of Solar Panels

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  • As groundwork for a potential new opportunity for ASME Council on Standards and Certification (CSC) we would like to investigate the potential and the interest in developing Guidance Documents or Standards to assist the industry with assessment of installed solar panels. An article in ME mag. "A Visual Inspection Guide to Detect Faulty Solar Products" is what fostered this thought. The use of Unmanned Mobile Vehicles (UMV) seems to be a starting point, and would give ASME headway into establishing greater UMV Standards presence. I am seeking individuals to participate on an ad hoc team to generate a recommendation to CSC. We are open to all suggestions and value your input tremendously. Please contact me at
    Vice Chair for ASME Council on Standards and Certification, Strategic Initiatives

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  • The offer still stands. Please make recommendations if you know of a resource. THANKS!

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