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News & Updates

  • Application for Student Programming Committee Chair-Elect

    The term of the current chair of the Student Programming Committee expires in June 2020. In the last year of a Chair's term, they are assisted by a Chair-Elect who then serves a three-year term as Chair. The Chair of the Student Programming Committee is selected by the Senior Vice President, Student and Early Career Development, with recommendations from the current Chair and Committee.

    If you have extensive experience with ASME's student programming, including leadership in developing and implementing it and working with students on it, and would like to be considered for the position, please complete the SECD Candidate application:
    and send it to no later than April 10, 2019.

  • ASME programs recognized on ASAE’s annual Power of "A" Awards

    We are pleased to inform you that four ASME programs have been recognized with awards from ASAE’s annual Power of "A" Awards:

    1. Power of A (Gold Award): - ASME INSPIRE

    2. Power of A (Gold Award): - Future Engineers 3D Space Challenge

    3. Power of A (Silver Award): - IAM3D Challenge

    4. Power of A (Silver Award): - ASME IShow

    Additionally, our two Gold Award winners (INSPIRE and Future Engineers) will also be considered for a subsequent award – ASAE’sSummit Award – ASAE’s highest honor for associations.

    There were 30 Gold winners selected this year from more than 140 entries.

    According to ASAE, the Power of A Awards recognize “a select number of organizations annually that distinguish themselves with innovative, effective and broad-reaching programs and activities that positively impact America and the world.”

    Please join us in congratualating everyone involved on these programs.