Student Training and Development

Student Leadership Training and Development; Student Leader Conference; Digital Student Volunteer Training

ASME Student Leader Training Module Series

Learn valuable skills for school, work, and as an ASME member!

The Committee on Volunteer Training and Development is rolling out a set of skill building web videos with associated Question and Answer discussion sessions. Each video covers a narrow topic to provide either introduction to new members or guidance on particular aspects of participating in ASME. For example, an introduction video on awards would introduce the various awards that student members and student section advisers are eligible to receive and where to find more information. A related guidance video would provide specific information on how to apply for a single or small number of awards.

Student sections are encouraged to view the videos as a group to promote internal discussion regarding the information presented. A Q&A forum is set up to answer questions and promote discussion beyond the video voice over.

Modules Set 1: ASME Student Programs

ASME Student Programs Introduction Voice over by Chair of the Board on Student Programs

Q&A for Set 1: October 14, 2014 at two times
                        1:30 pm in Paris (CEST)
                        7:30 pm in NYC (EDT)
Additional questions can be discussed using the forum.

For international teleconference connections please contact the webinar host.

Modules Set 2: Student Section Best Practices #1 and #2

University of Missouri-Columbia Best Practices Voice over by Student Sections Enterprise Committee Region 2 Chair

Q&A for Set 2 via forum.

Modules Set 3: ASME Brand and Name Use

Release: November 10

Q&A for Set 3 via forum.

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