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Technology & Society Division

The common issue that concerns members of the Technology & Society (T&S) division is how our actions – as engineers, technologists, teachers and leaders – impact greater society today and in the...
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Honors & Awards

Recognition of outstanding achievement in engineering is one of the major objectives of ASME. Through its programs of honors and awards, ASME recognizes outstanding contributions to the art and science of engineering.

Note: The role of the Honors Functional Committee had been revised, and under the new T&S Division structure, nomination responsibilities will fall under the Executive Committee. Nominations will be made towards the the Distinguish Service Awards, the Bob Simmons Award, and other society or external awards.

Division Awards

In support of its mission, the Technology & Society Division issues, either individually, or in conjunction with other divisions of ASME, the Victor Paschkis Founder Award to recognize individuals who make exemplary contributions to society.

The division’s volunteers also seek to deliver these contributions which can include raising public awareness of the social and legal consequences of technology, helping society and their governments adapt to changes introduced by new technology and promoting ASME member responsibilities toward society - including the creation of engineered products and services that embody the highest professional, ethical and social standards. Taking risks to protect and preserve public safety is also recognized by this award and is exemplified by the award’s first recipient - Roger Boisjoly, engineer and Space Shuttle Challenger whistleblower.

For all Division Award requests please contact the Division staff administrator.

Nominations form for processing division awards is in the Resources folder.

Important Award Information For Award Recipients

Honorariums cannot be distributed without receipt of a W-9 Tax Form for US and the Tax Form W-8 for Foreign recipients. Please complete the form and return it by e-mail.

Attn: Jacinta McComie-Cates