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Tribology Division

Tribology Division (TRIB) is established to serve the members and associate members of the ASME who have designated their interest in the science & technology of Tribology.

Honors & Awards

Recognition of outstanding achievement in engineering is one of the major objectives of ASME. Through its programs of honors and awards, ASME recognizes outstanding contributions to the art and science of engineering.

Society Awards

  • Mayo D. Hersey Award
    Award is bestowed on an individual in recognition of distinguished and continued contributions over a substantial period of time to the advancement of the science and engineering of tribology.
  • Burt L. Newkirk Award
    It is given to one who has made a notable contribution to the field of tribology in research or development as evidenced by important tribology publications.
  • Marshall B. Peterson Award
    The Marshall P. Peterson Award is given biennially in recognition of an early-career achievement and promise for pursuit of research in tribology.

Division Awards

Other awards distributed at the Tribology conference are:

  • Conference Chair's Plaque
  • Certificates of Appreciation
  • Chair, Content Management Technical Committee Plaque
  • Keynote Speaker's Plaque
  • Executive Committee Past Chair's Plaque
  • Tribology Division Best Reviewers Certificates

For all Division Award requests please contact the Division staff administrator.

Other Honors and Awards of Interest

  • Dedicated Service Award
    Award honors dedicated voluntary service to the Society marked by outstanding performance, demonstrated effective leadership, prolonged and committed service, devotion, enthusiasm and faithfulness.
  • Archimedes Club
    Leverage the future of the mechanical engineering profession with a planned gift and become a member of the Archimedes Club.

Important Award Information For Award Recipients

Honorariums cannot be distributed without receipt of a W-9 Tax Form for US and the Tax Form W-8 for Foreign recipients. Please complete the form and return it by e-mail

Attn: Jacinta McComie-Cates 


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