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Tribology Division

Tribology Division (TRIB) is established to serve the members and associate members of the ASME who have designated their interest in the science & technology of Tribology.



2015 STLE Tribology Frontiers Conference www.stle.org/tribologyfrontiersconference2014.aspx

2015 ASME Tribology Division Student Conference Travel Stipend Program https://community.asme.org/tribology_division/m/default.aspx

2014 Conference http://www.stle.org/tribologyfrontiersconference2014.aspx

WTC 2013 September 8-13, 2013 WTC2013 is the fifth World Tribology Congress Torino, Italy http://www.wtc2013.it/home.html

International Joint Tribology Conference October 8 -10, 2012 Westin Downtown Denver, Colorado.


To view other events that may be of interest, please visit the ASME Calendar of Events.


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