Volunteer Group Admins

A group page for Volunteer Group Admins from Districts, Student and Senior Sections, Affinity Groups, and Technical Divisions to learn how to administer group pages and find support.

Getting Started

We are delighted to have you on board as Group Admins in the new social media platform on! To make your experience as easy as possible, we're sharing some helpful tips and info to help you get started.

For You

  • Check out's Webinar for a guided tour of the new platform. 
  • Create a robust profile and connect with your colleagues by adding them to your network.
  • Join your Groups—and any open Groups you find intriguing!
  • Because you are volunteer leaders, it is essential that other volunteer leaders, members, and staff be able to communicate with you via the system. Please visit the "Notifications Settings" page, accessible via the Dashboard, and set your account to receive all notifications.

For Your Group's Page

  • Update the description for your Group. This appears at the top of every page of your unit's Group and can be edited by clicking on the "Edit Profile" link directly above. Make sure you use location information (city, state, etc.) in the description. This will help with searches on, as well as external search engines like Google.
  • Make sure your Group Settings are properly set for your needs.We recommend the following settings as the best way to promote Section and Affinity activities:
    • Standard—this means your Group will be included in site searches.
    • Open—this means that any Participant can join the Group.
    • Announcements, Activity Feed, Leadership, and Participant list set to Public—this means anyone will be able to view this content, including people who have not registered as Participants.
    • Don't make the News & Updates blog public until you have content for the page and are ready to use it on a regular basis.
    • The above recommendations can be adjusted depending on the specific privacy and communications needs of your unit. Please refer to the " Guidance for Volunteer Group Admins" file in the Resources area of this Group for more details on the various setting options.
  • Post an Announcement—let people know your Group is active by sharing a welcome message, or by highlighting an upcoming meeting.
  • Share something in the Activity Feed—for instance, say hi and let folks know you're the Group Admin, or include a highlight from a recent event or meeting.
  • Reach out to your unit members and encourage them to join the Group—be sure to include a link to your Group page to make joining the community even easier!

Have more questions? Visit the Admin FAQ or post in our Forums!