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Chapter 1 - K-12: Attracting STEM Teachers

Video Chapters 1-8

Chapter 1
K-12: Attracting STEM Teachers

Chapter 2
Sustainable Global Development

Chapter 3
Makers or Engineers?

Chapter 4
Retaining Engineering Majors

Chapter 5
Problem Solving Beyond Technology

Chapter 6
New Ways to Teach Engineering

Chapter 7
Global Competition for Jobs

Chapter 8
Creating Global Problem Solvers
Creating Global Problem Solvers
In this first installment, the panel tackles the question of how to prepare and inspire generations of engineers to solve the most pressing global challenges. ASME's Decision Point Dialogues is modeled after the Fred Friendly Seminars, a series of dialogues and public television programs exploring complex, vital issues using the Socratic dialogue format.

The scenario: Will Engineers Be True Global Problem Solvers?
In the United States, middle school student Bella attends a Maker Faire and is inspired to join the school's robotics team. In Zambia, young Kamillo examines his village's broken water pump and wonders how it can be repaired. Both young people have started on a path that could lead them to confront some of the largest challenges on the planet. How will each be prepared and empowered to be true problem solvers?

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